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More About A4R Training

Elevate Yourselves 

Racing at a professional level is a place of absolute glory; almost like a realm of unimaginable joy. The joy seen on TV is the end result, but a fabulous result recedes a gruesome and heartbreaking path. The path to rise to the top will bring every driver down to rock bottom regardless of age. The sight of many talented drivers falling at the last steps to the lighthouse is gruesome. Only the correct combination of skills and personality are allowed passage to this lighthouse.

A4R Training is designed to prep the young and aspiring race car drivers to accept the reality of life and how to push forward. The 550+ hours of video courses and the guide book will change how you perceive the racing world and will adequately prepare you before you step onto the next race track.

I, Atharva Desai, wish to give you my hard fought knowledge I gained on my 10+ active years in the racing field. I want to give you all of the knowledge and secrets required to shine on the race track. 

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