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A4R Video Training Course

The Best Online Training for Modern Sports Car Racing

This is the first and most important step of your racing journey. A driver with strong fundamentals of racing will propel themselves above and beyond. You’re about to embark on a journey of educational discovery, where you’ll learn to fight back against the ruthless world of racing.

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About Me

Never Stop Learning

In my 10 years of motorsport racing. I have faced hardships and struggles. My passion for reaching the pinnacle of Formula Racing is always there. I realize that not everyone has the same luck, attitude, connections, or paths to climb the racing ladder. I want to provide my 10 years worth of experience and what I have learned rising from junior karting to formula 3 racing.

Our mission at A4R Training is to offer an online packaged course that caters to all students around the world. I have provide different package options including a 120-page book and a 10+ hour course.

I aim to provide detailed and vital information that is not only applicable in the racing world, but also in everyday life. I believe that the right guidance along with the untold secrets of motorsport can create a legendary driver. I will provide all the secrets and techniques ranging from practical on-track driving to off-track attitude to create a "Wow" factor within you.

Available Products

Your Key to a Perfect Race Craft


A full 550+ total hour training course that highlights the skills for racing and teaches how to maximize it. The course includes full, in-depth training on basic and advanced racing techniques and secrets. This course teaches aspiring drivers the reality of the ruthless world of racing and the best way to tread through it and rise to the top.

Racing Book

This book is a driver's primer guide to racing. A book that is moderate in length, yet rich in language. This training book serves as a go-to guide for all racers on how to enrich themselves and stand out as the stallion of the track.


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